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December 2020

Overall Wellness VS. Physical Results

It is easy to get discouraged when starting your own fitness journey and wanting to see results, but it is also important to remember that your body is beginning to adjust to a new journey as well. We all get too caught up in wanting to see differences in our appearances through pictures because of society through social media, but never truly realize the changes within our own bodies when we begin a healthy chapter for ourselves. Seeing physical results isn’t the only way you can prove your hard work is paying off; the way your body feels overall is just...

Understanding Your Pain Threshold

In my experience as an endurance athlete, pushing through is as much mental as it is physical. Your physical strength will only take you so far, at a certain point you will need your mental strength to kick in.  It is your brain that gets you to the finish line.  I recently read some interesting research in the perfectly named journal Pain, that gets into whether extreme endurance athletes came to their sport because of innate pain tolerance capacity or pain tolerance was a result of their training. According to the research, the way you think about PAIN completely changes the way...

How To Stop Failing Obstacles and Get 100% Obstacle Completion.

The goal for every Obstacle Course Racer should be to cross the finish line with 100% obstacle completion.  For many Racers this is easier said then done. Let's get into why this is happening and how to fix it! 1 - The most common reason is this: a lot of racers simply do not have enough upper body/grip strength to hold up their own body weight, especially while swinging through the air, on things like monkey bars, rings, ropes, etc. So how do we fix this? Well, that depends on whether your workouts mostly consist of strength training or focus more on cardio. If you...