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Why Bodify

At BODIFY FUNCTIONAL FITNESS we offer strength and conditioning group fitness classes in our unique studios. Our studios features MyZone Heart Rate Monitor system, concert sound system. Ski-Rowers, Rams, Kettle Bells, TRX Suspension and dumbbells. Our coaches make sure everyone knows the proper form to do each exercise. We also display members’ heart rates on a separate screen to keep you in pace with your personal goals.

Our Equipment

At Bodify, every studio offers a fun and challenging variety, including ski-rows, rowers, assault bikes, dumbbells, kettlebells, rams, sandbags, (TRX), and much more.

having a plan feels good.

Our members can constantly switch up workouts to never fall into plateau. Our HIIT training program combine cardio with strength training to target muscles all over your body and burn more calories. Our STRONG Class its specifically for overall strength and toning.

Other Services

Personal Training

Personal training with Bodify Functional Fitness training includes an individualized training and nutrition program catered to a clients’ goals and capabilities. Workouts are adjusted and modified on the go based on physical progress and coach’s observation. There is no doubt personal training is the best and fastest way to reach results.


Bodify Sports Performance utilizes functional training and strength and conditioning to improve the performance of every competitive and recreational athlete.</p> <p>We place emphasis in laying a foundation for optimal performance to achieve their highest potential with lowest risk of injury.


With its focus on functional and strength training as well as obstacle specific technical skills, this program is intended to prepare anyone to dominate any obstacle course race while improving overall total body performance.

"These past three years at Bodify have made me a stronger woman."

Linda V
Photographer and Paralegal.

"Thank you Bodify for guiding me in becoming a healthier, happier with myself, and for the most positive attitude towards CHANGE."

Pamela B.

“In the past 3 years that I have been at Bodify, I have learned to have discipline in my daily life.”

Alejandra P.
Full-time Mom