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Overall Wellness VS. Physical Results

It is easy to get discouraged when starting your own fitness journey and wanting to see results, but it is also important to remember that your body is beginning to adjust to a new journey as well. We all get too caught up in wanting to see differences in our appearances through pictures because of society through social media, but never truly realize the changes within our own bodies when we begin a healthy chapter for ourselves. Seeing physical results isn’t the only way you can prove your hard work is paying off; the way your body feels overall is just...

About Coach Dan Silva

Dan has been around Laredo’s health and fitness arena for over 25 years. He knows first hand how new workout fads and diets can overwhelm a person trying to reach their personal fitness goals. He has had the opportunity to personal train and assist hundreds of people at all fitness levels and age groups. Dan takes pride in tailoring goal specific workouts, programming class routines that can challenge an experienced fitness enthusiast, or make the modifications needed for someone who might try his class for the first time. Anyone coming to Dan’s class will get more than just a class;...

Defining Sports Performance Sports

Hey guys how’s it going my name is Coach Edgar Trejo and I’m the strength and Conditioning coach at Bodify Sports Performance. Today I want to enlighten you guys a bit about the broad term we call Sports Performance and what exactly is included in this bracket. Although books tend to define it in their own way from author to author, I’ve come to define it as a coalition of movement literacy, robustness, skill related components of fitness, special components, and most importantly...