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Author: Jesús Cortéz

The Best Fitness Apps For Your 2021

It’s the beginning of 2021 and a lot of you want to start or restart your fitness routine. Whatever this activity you practice is good! As long as you move. One of the main reasons most of the time people quit is because it is hard to stay motivated. Luckily, there’s some apps I can share with you today to keep you on track, but also coach you, keep you safe and more. I have been reviewing apps for the past 5 years, and nowadays you can find hundreds of them in the App Store and Google Play Store. Here are...

OCR Shoes and Socks You Can Trust

It's been 6 years since my first obstacle race. I got invited by a group of friends to the Central Texas Tough Mudder back in 2014. I was clueless on what I got into. I just knew there was going to be lots of mud since the event was called Tough Mudder. Like most groups of friends we bought some Adidas compression shirts with our team name on it called "Malakopas" (The Bad Drinkers). After 6 years of Obstacle Racing I would like to share with you the brands of shoes you can use and trust in the course. SHOES Starting from...