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Everyone somewhat hears and knows of the benefits of exercising yet some still hold back like if it’s something only the select few are capable of. There should be no excuse on why you cannot make time to exercise. Notice I said “make time” and not find time. You’ll usually only make time for things that are important to you.

Let’s pause for a second after that last sentence.


The ones that have a consistent exercise or training program are lucky enough to feel and understand the ways that fitness can and will improve their qualify of life and mostly because of their improved brain function. Why is that? Mentality is just different when you are in an active state.

Improved circulation or blood flow

This is not a myth. One of the greatest benefits of exercise is better blood flow throughout your entire body. This means that nutrients are transferred more efficiently and the human performance is elevated. It is also an indication that your heart is healthier and stronger; doesn’t have to work as hard, longer life span.

Now, if you believe that exercise improves circulation to the brain, doesn’t that mean that you can improve mental ability? It’s no wonder why many individuals who have discovered this benefit put in a short and intense workout first thing in the morning. It’s like a stimulant for your brain before a busy day. You’ll get to tackle every task on your list with more energy and creativity. If you don’t take my word for it on this one, ask around and get back to me on this. You can also give it a try and judge for yourself. Some of the most productive schedule their workout sessions as appointments and never miss.

Improved mental function

Be mindful of what your habits are and what you’re consistently thinking of. Habits will either make you or break you and your thoughts become your reality.

I’m not gonna get into the science of hormones and brain activity but understand that exercise enhances your psychological ability, moods and self-confidence. Exercise puts you in a good mood which then transfers to your motivation overall. Everyone is inspired and motivated at some point, maintaining that energy is the difficult task and the key to results.(more on this later) When your highly motivated you believe you can do anything you want and accomplish any goal. Sadly motivation only last a few short moments and everyone is in danger of losing it if not properly maintained. This is where a consistent training routine and series of productive habits come into play. Manage your mental strength, build good habits, maintain motivation and you will see the improvements in your life.

Increased energy levels

An underestimated benefit of regular physical activity is improved energy levels.

I stress a lot on energy levels because it may be the biggest reason you are not accomplishing your goals. So many people focus on task management, to-do lists and goal setting but if you do not manage your energy well, doing the work or carrying out your duties will prove difficult.

One of the biggest setbacks in life has to do with limited energy. “I’m too tired to go work out.” Most of the time lack of energy is the result for lack of exercise. Not joking! Try it. Start a workout routine and see your energy levels increase. I hear it a lot from a lot people in many different ways. Leads them to believe that exercising is not for them. Another one is, “I’m not built that way.” That’s non-sense. We are different in many ways but physically we are a lot alike; mentally that’s different. That’s where I come in; hoping that I am able change the way you think when it comes to fitness and you can hopefully pass along the information.

Your thoughts and your habits have a great affect on how you live your life. There’s no doubting the benefits of exercise. This is why fitness is continuing to boom in this city and all over the nation. It’s not always about looking better. It’s also about being healthy and living a life without the struggle of illnesses or diseases that are preventable. This is why it’s crazy to think that some school systems are taking fitness away from kids. But that’s another subject for another day. Let’s stay positive.

Don’t just get motivated, maintain that motivation and live a consistent healthy lifestyle. And remember, only if it’s important to you…

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