Cindy Garza

Something Eight months before I was in the worst shape I’ve ever been, my clothes didn’t fit, I was always tired and just plain depressed and unhappy with the way I looked. I knew that I was the only one that could change that so I started looking for a gym to be part of, that’s when I found Bodify, thanks to my sister Kristell. I started and immediately loved it; the coaches were nice and very helpful, always making sure my posture was right and, most importantly, that I gave my 100% during every workout.  I thought they were going to take it easy on me since I was new and hadn’t worked out in over 2 years. I was wrong! That’s when I met Tony, always pushing me to do more, within my limitations of course. When I started I didn’t have a fitness goal all I knew was that I wanted to feel better and the obvious fit back into my clothes. Now eight months later I have to say that I am a different person, thinking back I have realized that I have never been this committed to good eating and exercising. How did that happen? Well two months ago I joined a summer body challenge and that’s when I got to work closely with Pete, who really pushed me to my limits and who made me believe that I could do this. Since I joined Bodify I have lost 15 lbs, gained some muscle and lost body fat. I am a completely different person and not just in the way I look or feel but now I am more dedicated to following a healthy lifestyle, to working out and now I have a new fitness goal that I want to reach. I no longer want to be that “skinny fat” girl, I want to be lean, I want this lifestyle for life not just for a while. Thank you to all the Bodify coaches for all the support and most of all to my husband who is my biggest supporter and keeps me in check at home. I have a great support system at the gym and at home so now there is no excuse to not meeting my goal. #bodifyfamily.


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