Diana Perez

Age is but a number… and everyday I challenge these odds because I have embraced fitness as a lifestyle. Although I may not be at the spring of my life, I still workout to improve my abilities and get stronger. My journey has not been easy, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism at age 44, which caused me to gain a lot of weight then became borderline diabetic. That was my wake up call to change the way I eat and make fitness a lifestyle. I was doing okay until I needed back surgery in December 2015 (sciatica) which caused me to gain more weight, I was told by my surgeon that I could no longer run or lift weights and that I needed to get a strong core, I was devastated and very depressed! Although the odds were against me I never gave up. February of 2016 I started working out slowly, it was hard and painful and scary but I kept on going. I heard Tony Ferdin and Pete Saenz were opening their gym and were going to use modification techniques which was something beneficial to me. I have done several 5K’s this year and have placed in my age category and can pick up a barbell and add weight!!  I am determined that age and injuries will not stop me from getting stronger!! Been with Bodify since they opened in 2016 and their workouts and techniques have helped me get stronger and lose weight. Love all their coaches and staff and happy to be a member!!

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