Joining Bodify Functional Fitness has been one of the best decisions of my life and I am greatly appreciative for the support the Bodify team has given me in my quest for a fitter and healthier life.
I have always been fairly active and got into good shape about twelve years ago doing the P90X series. However, twelve years and two kids later, the demands of daily life began to take a toll and the monotony of the P90X videos wasn’t enough to keep me motivated. I would still work out a couple times a week, but with no real purpose other than to make sure I could still fit into my pants so I wouldn’t have to buy new ones.
In December of last year, my friend and part owner of Bodify, Pete Saenz, urged me to join. My wife and I tried their three day free trial and I was instantly hooked. It reminded me a lot of the P90X program in the sense that each day is focused on targeting different body parts, but the team of trainers are constantly modifying the workouts so that you never do the same routine twice. I quickly started to see results and decided to join their 60 day summer challenge. That really forced me to take my exercise regimen to the next level. I did a combination of Bodify’s online personal training program and their HIIT classes. In addition to the exercises, the bodify team helped me with my diet which is a big part of getting results. Through hard work, dedication and the support of the bodify team, I lost 8 pounds, 3 inches from my waist and dropped from over 20% body fat to 14.2%. Besides the physical changes, I also improved on all my times during the fit test.
To say that I am happy with the results is an understatement, however, the real accomplishment is that I have now changed my lifestyle. I want to go to the gym everyday, I want to eat healthy (with an occasional cheat meal) and I want to continue to get better. The instructors are great and will work with you if you have any injuries. Since the classes are small, you develop a sense of community with other members which has also helped to keep me motivated.
Again, I thank the whole Bodify team for helping me during this journey, and without a doubt, I would encourage anyone else who is thinking about making a change to a healthier lifestyle and getting in shape to join Bodify today!!!

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