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There’s a reason why most fitness and health goals turn into pure and utter BS in a matter of a few weeks, especially this time of year. Sure, change is hard, but it’s also not acceptable to pigeon hole your goals before they even start with magical quick fix mindsets that leave you worse off than ever before.

If you have trouble taking down your big, hairy, audacious training goals, you’re most likely making one of these pivotal mistakes. It’s time to make a positive, sustainable change to enhance your training, your nutrition and your LIFE.

Here are the five biggest mistakes you are making that’s holding you back from achieving the body, health and function that you strive for, and are leaving your frustrated and hurt in the process, and the tools to finally achieve those goals of yours once and for all.

#5 You Have No Real Objectively Defined Goals

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People who truly want to make formidable game-changing alterations in the way they look, feel and function need to first set objective and clearly defined goals. This concept isn’t anything groundbreaking and novel, but the psychological and behavioral sciences behind goal setting and attainment speak for themselves.

Even for those people with the very best “intentions” to get fit and improve their health, many times a haphazard approach and plan can leave them pigeon holed into subpar results and create a negative association with the process of fitness and training.

We’ve all hear it before, the ignorant claim that “diet and exercise just doesn’t work for ME” from the weak minded mental midgetry that rules over the minds and emotions of our half assed general public who are getting fatter, weaker and sicker by the day. But if it’s imperative that you get your health on point, you must be better than the negative self fulfilling prophecies that attempt to take reign over you mind and place an arbitrary glass ceiling on your ability to be successful.

When it comes down to making a tremendous positive modifications in your lifestyle, training and nutrition are just tools for you to build habits and behavior changes. And no, we aren’t talking about quick fixes or magic pills, but rather the types of behaviors that are forged into your every move and thought and are developed and mastered over time.

You want to take down even the most audacious goals? The type of change that will revolutionize life as you know it forever? Great, the process is as simple as having a clear and objective plan in place and executing it every damn day. Without goals, results are random at best. Don’t settle for less, set goals.

#4 You Let Ego Instead of Intelligence Drive Your Training

There’s a fine line between letting your ego dictate you’re training and honing your ego in and allowing it to work positively for your training and results.

I’d be brutal dishonest with you if I said that the biggest, strongest and most resilient lifters and strength athletes in the world aren’t at least partially driven by ego. But here’s the deal, knowing damn well that ego is present in us all, it’d be counter productive to attempt to take ego out of lifting, because ego is truly the fuel long term results are forged on.

We all strive to lift heavier weights, to pack on more size and shred up, but taking a step back and realizing that those goals that when attained, will be a big internal ego boost are dependent on intelligence and structure in your training, nutrition and lifestyle choices. Once you have set out on the clear course to goal attainment, ego should work for you, and not deter you from your path.

Author: Dr. John Rusin

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