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6408 Crescent loop Suite 6 Laredo,TX 78041

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Personal Training

Personal training with Bodify Functional Fitness training includes an individualized training and nutrition program catered to a clients’ goals and capabilities. Workouts are adjusted and modified on the go based on physical progress and coach’s observation. There is no doubt personal training is the best and fastest way to reach results.






Step 1) Assessment

Our trainers start by assessing your posture and how you move. This will help our trainers decide what you need to focus on.


Step 2) Session

This is were our trainers prepare you to functionally move. Showing you how to stretch, and activate your muscles before your workout session. They’ll also show you how to properly cool down after a workout and how to use a foam roller to work any muscle soreness you might experience.


Step 3) Training

With Functional movement training, trainers will show you how to use your body’s natural movement to work your core, increase strength and improve your cardio.