Never Give Up

Success Stories – Robbie Luna

I want to begin by thanking all the people that have helped me in my journey to become healthier and fitter. I couldn’t have done any of this without the support from my family and friends.

After many years of not doing much and becoming more and more out of shape sue to the mindset that I couldn’t do things because of a back injury. I had a fractured vertebra, ruptured one disk and had another bulging disk that would push on my spine every so often. It was because of this condition in my back that I had actually become accustom to not doing much to keep fit.

The big thing that finally pushed me to get fit besides having to maintain my back after having surgery was that I was tired of how I looked and felt about myself. My journey started on June 24 of last year. That’s the day that I started to train with Tony Ferdin, a friend and trainer that my cousin knew and had recommended. In the beginning, we took it slow and he was always watching to make sure that I maintained proper form, so I wouldn’t hurt my back. As the days then months passed, I saw changes that I thought I would never see. I didn’t lose that much weight at the beginning but I could feel myself getting stronger.

I could see my improvement slowly, but I was always getting support from Tony and Pete and other members of Team X-Factor even though I’m not anywhere near the fitness level of those guys. Training went slowly with a constant watch on my back to make sure that I didn’t hurt myself. Well the months passed and I saw changes, then I entered the Bodify 90 Day Challenge, I made a decision to push myself to see how well I could do in 3 months. I worked every day of the week, Monday through Friday. I would go to the gym after work and leave after two and half hours. After 3 months of training, I won the 90-Day Challenge Men’s Division, losing a total of thirty pounds.

I will continue my journey in fitness with the ever changing that others can help with, but it’s up to me to get there. I to thank my family and friends again for their support in my decision to get healthy, and my Bodify Family for the constant support that I get while I’m at the gym, they push me at those times when I’m doing well and they push harder when I feel like giving up.

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