What is STRONG?

Day 1 Experience

The initial moments of your class are pivotal in shaping your overall experience with us. To ensure a smooth introduction, we kindly request first-time participants to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before the scheduled class commencement. This early arrival allows for a brief walkthrough and orientation, setting the foundation for an enjoyable and seamless learning encounter.

Coach Meeting

Assemble around the training board for a comprehensive session. Here, our trainer will deliver a detailed breakdown of the daily interval plan, followed by a thorough demonstration of each prescribed movement. Expect insightful technique cues and valuable tips to guide you through the exercises, ensuring a deeper understanding and optimal performance.

Guided Warm-up

Our warm-up routines are meticulously tailored to align with the unique requirements of the daily workout. This thoughtful approach is designed to effectively prepare both your mind and body, serving as a crucial primer for the upcoming tasks.


Once the clock begins ticking, the workout session spans a focused 50 minutes. Each of our distinctive intervals is strategically designed with a focus on strength, incorporating five specific movements. Our elite trainers, renowned for their expertise, provide personalized attention in a vibrant group setting, ensuring accountability and a dynamic atmosphere. Additionally, our coaches are adept at tailoring the exercises to accommodate beginners or to challenge those with more athletic prowess, ensuring inclusivity and optimal engagement for all fitness levels.