Dive into the future of fitness with Bodify Functional Fitness's signature STRONG Class! Crafted for those hungry for tangible results, our unique 50-minute workout regimen combines intensive weight training blocks followed by a robust conditioning segment. We're not just another gym; our approach is backed by evidence-based science, elite coaching, and the innovative MyZone technology.

With Bodify, you get more than just a workout – you get a systematically designed program that rotates training cycles, ensuring every session pushes you closer to your goals. While other studios might make you sweat, we engineer your sweat to not just burn calories but to carve out lean muscles.

Why wait? Amplify your results and redefine fitness with our group classes. See and feel the difference – your fitness journey, amplified and empowered, begins with STRONG at Bodify!


50-min of targeted weight training + conditioning. Science-backed, with myzone tech for fast results. Burn, build, become strong!


STRONG by Bodify stands out as a market-exclusive program. Merging weight blocks with conditioning, it's scientifically tailored for all fitness levels, optimizing body transformations.


Ditch the fads and sidestep the unproven theories. With Bodify's STRONG, experience a solid program led by knowledgeable trainers. Your role? Simply show up!


Great coaches!

In group classes coaches really motivate you. Staff is always very welcoming and friendly. The facility is always clean and they are very careful in taking care of their clients by sanitizing the equipment.

Jessica Ortega.

Great coaches and workouts

A great place to start your fitness journey ! Great coaches and workouts

Maria Delgadillo

Highly recommend to my friends and family.

All the trainers are super nice and take an interest in you no matter what fitness level you’re at. I’ve been getting the results I’ve always wanted thanks to them. Highly recommend to my friends and family. The overall vibe is great!

Pearl L.

It’s a great facility!

It’s a great facility! The coaches and trainers are simply the best.

Kristel Faz

You will love the place

You will love the place its almost one of the kind in laredo. The people is very welcoming, charming, and motivated. They will help your achieve your fitness goals.

Ricardo Garcia

Definitely recommend this place.

You will definitely feel welcomed. Staff is very friendly and helpful at all times. The Motivation in the room, keeps you fired up. Definitely recommend this place.

Angie Treviño

Awesome workouts

Amazing coaches, awesome workouts, wonderful team participation!! 💪🏻


Amazing staff and cool environment

Amazing staff and cool environment. Love how the people you workout with become your closest friends. Spartan Fam 🤟🏼💚💙

Blanca D.

Great environment

I love the energy that the coaches bring to the workouts! Great environment & coaches are very experienced!

Tadeo González